Flash del Subasio [AKC# SR68796903] is a Spinone Italiano imported from Italy. He was bred by Mr. Ezio Pagliarini and is from his extremely successful ‘F’ litter: Flash, Falco, Full, Figaro, Fiamma, Frida, Filippa, and Fiore. The litter was whelped on February 2, 2011 at del Subasio Kennel in Italy.
‘F’ is for Fantastico!

We imported Flash in September of 2013. He had spent his time in Italy as a working hunter. See the  YouTube video of Flash and Zagor (del Subasio) hunting with Ezio and friends: 


Flash has a very good PennHIP score (70th percentile among Spinone), and has a current negative Brucellosis test. Flash del Subasio has been DNA tested by the AHT (Animal Health Trust in the UK); he is “CA Clear” (Cerebellar Ataxia Clear). He has a sweet temperament and is a smart, high energy dog. Flash has a beautiful, short coat with rich mahogany markings, and a very easy care texture.

We offer Flash for stud to AKC registered Spinone Ladies:

Breeding Costs:

Flash is available for stud via Artificial Insemination (fresh chilled AI). His stud fee is $2,000. This includes the; collection fee, packaging for shipping, and Next Day FedEx shipping charges in the continental US (Alaska and Hawaii shipping is extra).

Artificial Insemination (AI) Fresh Chilled:

We will take the packaged semen directly to a FedEx shipping desk to get it to your Veterinarian in a timely manner. Your AI Veterinarian should be able to do the insemination for under $200. The other fee to consider is progesterone testing of your dam. Please consult with your Veterinarian for timing these tests and pricing.

AI Double Shot:

If you, or your Veterinarian, feel the timing is perfect for a second delivery of AI we offer a second collection and shipment of semen for $500. Note: This may be mostly dependent on the shipping schedules.


If you wish to breed your Spinone Italiano to Flash we will give you a definitive answer within 48 hours. Please keep in mind we must consider Flash and his scheduling first. If you receive an e-mail stating, “Flash is not available at this time” this is not a negative judgment on your lovely lady.

Scheduling Commitment:

Breeding scheduling can be very stressful. We will do our best to work with your dam’s schedule.


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