Winterborn Spinone Commitment:

Once we have made the commitment to breed, we will block out several days to be available to fill your order in a timely manner. See Breeding Costs, Artificial Insemination (AI) Fresh Chilled, on page 1 for more details.

Dam Owners Commitment:

Complete the breeding! You will manage your veterinary scheduling, needed travel arrangements, and clear your schedule to complete the breeding. The Winterborn Spinone Breeding Guarantee does not apply to abandoned breeding attempts. At the point of receipt of the semen order you agree to complete the AI on your Spinone. The money and time has been spent to make this breeding possible, but unfortunately not every veterinary office is well versed in examining the sample. Your package has been kept on ice for shipping, and if not allowed to properly warm up, or placed on a cold slide, it can appear to have low motility.


We prefer payments via Paypal, we will also accept money orders from the U.S. Postal Service. Your payment must be cleared before shipment. If you do not have a verified PayPal account, you may want to set one up in advance.


We strive to be as transparent in this process as possible. We do not require pick of the litter (POL). We do not hold off on AKC registration for hunt testing, or show awards. We do not impose partial ownership of your litter.    

  1.             - Your breeding program

                is under your control -

Breeding you favorite Spinone dam does not guarantee the size of your litter. It also does not guarantee you will be able to sell all of your puppies. Please consider the homes for your puppies as your first priority!

AKC Registry:

We have made a promise to help promote Spinone and make them more available in America. We believe in preserving choice among the breed. To that end we will happily sign off on your AKC registration of your litter.

Winterborn Spinone Breeding Guarantee:

Your first breeding to Flash is at the full price of $2,000. If the breeding results in puppies (3 or more), we consider this breeding to have been successful.

  1. If your litter has 2 puppies (or less), we will offer a second breeding at $1,200.

  2. If the breeding is unsuccessful (no puppies result), we will offer a second breeding for $600.

  3. If you paid for a ‘Double Shot’ on your first round, we will add a discounted ‘Double Shot’ for   $400. as part of your guarantee.

As Before, the Second Breeding Cost Includes:

  1. AI: collection, packaging, and shipping via FedEx next day (within continental US).

If you need a second breeding, be sure to stay in contact with us regarding timing.

We will make any second breeding a scheduling priority.

What We Need From You:    
  1. A timeline (expected dates for heat cycle)

  2. A photo of your beautiful Spinone dam

  3. A copy of her AKC papers (to verify she is not too closely related)

  4. A copy of her test results for CA (Cerebellar Ataxia), or link showing she is from a CA Clear line

  5. A copy of her recent test results for Canine Brucellosis

  6. A copy of her hip dysplasia test result - either OFA or PennHip.

For any concerns or questions, please contact us at:

or call Sherry at: (208) 263-5118.


Contact us at:

or call Sherry at: (208) 263-5118

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