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I often see warnings that all Spinone are thieves and counter-surfers, or they take over your sofa, etc., none of our Spins: eat people food, mooch, sit on the furniture, or jump up to take food off the counter. Our Spins love to come sit beside the chair or sofa for hours of petting or just to be near. So when someone asks, “Does this hunting dog make a good pet?” my answer is, “Absolutely, but most are still hunters at heart so you will need a fenced yard.”

Spinone are fairly large dogs, so it is important to set your house rules while you are still dealing with a puppy. When you have that adorable puppy in your lap, consider if you will still want a 65-85 pound dog in the same position. For this reason we have always kept nice dog beds and spend some time sitting on the floor with our puppies and grown dogs. We have nice furniture, which our Spins respect. They also have been taught not to come into the kitchen when we are cooking (see the “outta my kitchen” picture). One last bit of advice, a docked tail is not only useful for hunters, it is also less hazardous inside the house.

Spinone need to exercise each day, but when they come indoors they are more likely to do a fleecy rug impersonation. Here are a few views of our Spins around the house. Click on any picture to see a larger image.


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