The current millennium gives dog breeders an amazing access to stock that would have been completely out of reach only a few generations ago. The advent of air travel, overnight shipping, semen transport, and the ability to locate and contact breeders around the world has given modern breeders a considerable advantage. For widely available breeds this means the ability to direct traits towards a goal (modern or historic).  Rare dog breeds have never had a better chance to rebound.

Spinone breeders, around the world, must be commended on their use of these new techniques to expand the gene pool. If you are a Spinone breeder ~ please stand up and take a bow! 

Here are Some Online Resources for Further Reading:

ETHNIC DATA OF THE SPINONE BREED 1936 - According to Dr. Brianzi and Dr. Ullio*:

  1. *ALL of the; Articles, History, and Standards (with comments regarding the Standards) on the Del Subasio website are worth your time to read.

Spinone conformation from the Spinone Club of America:

Spinone Breed Standard from the AKC:

Breeder Education from the Spinone Club of America:

Cerebellar Ataxia (CA) in the Italian Spinone: Animal Health Trust (UK):

More info about “The StoryTeller” - staring John Hurt and “Dog”:

Here are Some of Our Favorite Spinone YouTube Videos:

Spinone pointing a pet rabbit [excellent controlled example of pointing and stalking its prey]:

Pheasant hunting with a Spinone (dog cam) [fun, but dog cam can be a bit jarring to watch]:

Owen and his Spinoni [toddler truly at home with ‘his’ dog]:

Discovery channel “Breed All About It” review of Spinone:


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