For over two thousand years, the Spinone has proven itself to be a steadfast hunter in the field and devoted family dog at home. There is no substitute for the adoring gaze of a Spinone. When you read the AKC Breed Standard the first requirement for eyes says, “must have a soft sweet expression.”

When it comes to hunting, Spinone are an all-terrain bird dog with a steady trot, “hunting at a more human pace.” They are equally well equipped as a jogging buddy. Spinone are for people who like to spend time with their dogs.

How you say?  The plural form is Spinoni (Spin-no-ni); the singular is Spinone (Spi-no-nay). For the purposes of this website we have kept references to the breed in the singular form.

Here is an easy mnemonic for English speakers:

A  Spinone (Spi-no-nay), Three Spinoni (Spin-no-ni)

Not for every one:

Spinone are hunting dogs. They hunt birds, moles, birds, rabbits, birds, squirrels, birds, crickets, birds, moose (poop), and birds.

Spinone are a bearded breed. This can be a problem for some people. Like most Spinone enthusiasts we keep a “drip zone” for the copious amounts of water Spinone consume. Also keeping a stockpile of easily laundered, small towels is ideal for drying off beards. Spinone will patiently wait for a beard drying, seeing this as more loving attention. We have seen a lot of warnings about the ‘Spinone Slime.’ This is largely a stress response, which lessens as your puppy becomes older and more socialized. Some Spinone never grow out of it, while others have a dry mouth. Spinone are for people who like to spend time with their dogs.

And, of course, there is The Muppet Factor:


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The Muppet Factor

All Spinone puppies look like Muppets

(Sofi and Fabi at 10 weeks old)

Some Muppets look like Spinone

Muppet named ‘Dog’ from “The StoryTeller”

Be prepared to be stopped - the Muppet Factor is strong in this breed!