About Us: Winterborn Spinone is located in Northern Idaho. We are a small breeder of Spinone Italiano, and our Spins are part of our family. We are committed to breeding quality Spinone and have chosen our pack from highly respected breeders with champion bloodlines. Due to the fact that we have snow on the ground for 5 to 6 months out of the year we have come to the realization that at least half of our puppies will be whelped or sent off to their new homes in ‘winter’. And so Winterborn Spinone was born! 

We breed to reinforce the Spinone hunting & hearth traits that make this such a great breed. We have made a promise to Ezio Pagliarini to do everything we can to make Spinone better known, and more available, in America. To that end we offer stud service and puppies for sale. Please see our stud page for details on breeding. We will post our litters as they become available, on our Puppies page.

Winterborn is also home to the Spinone Sisters Comic Strip:


Take two adorable puppies, add one amazing artist, stir that all in with dedicated tech support, and you end up with an entertaining taste of Spinone life. We hope you will enjoy The Adventures of Sofi & Fabi comic strips, which sometimes capture a truly Spinone trait, and sometimes just the joy of having puppies in the house. These also make wonderful coloring pages for young children.

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